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Lisbeth Cherrington

Co-Founder of Smart Company Kids

About Lisbeth Cherrington

Lisbeth “Libby” Cherrington is an Ohio native and former successful Financial Advisor known for her seemingly intrinsic ability to capitalize on opportunity.

Now, Lisbeth Cherrington is capitalizing on a new kind of opportunity.  Along with four other female founders, Libby and the crew created Smart Company Kids, teaching kids about the stock market and how it fits into their lives. Smart Company Kids has a fully developed platform for school and home. The school program is currently being beta-tested within a Montessori-school. Smart Company Kids educates kids ages 3-12 through, focusing on the power of learning through play. Why start so young? Kids are like sponges, and when you can teach children from a place of fun and play, before the self begins to take on things like ‘ego’ and ‘anxiety’, then the results are truly groundbreaking.

One of the things that led Libby to found a company like Smart Company Kids was her awareness – throughout her career – of the lack of financial literacy among so many adults. “The gap was really obvious throughout my career,” Libby continues. “I met a lot of really intelligent adults but about 75% of them had no clue about some of the financial things they should.” The solution? Lisbeth certainly does her part with educating adults — as she’s doing on this site — but getting to the root of the cause and filling in the gaps where a lot of traditional educational systems have failed was weighing heavy on her heart, and thus the idea of Smart Company Kids was sparked.











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Lisbeth is also known for her desire to relay her wisdom to the next generation of advisors, known for her public speaking, and work on behalf of her desire to better equip leaders so they can better provide value to the lives of individuals. In addition, Libby has written 15 books for children about the DOW 30, partnering with a graphic designer to create illustrative books that are captivating and educational for kids and parents alike.

In her free time, Lisbeth Cherrington loves spending time with her two children, spending time outdoors, and exploring beautiful South Carolina.

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