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We live in a time when more women than ever are taking up business. From freelance writing to house cleaning services, these hard working ladies prove that there is nothing stopping a woman from being her own boss.

Seeing equality in business is exciting and empowering, but sometimes you need a little advice from your fellow bosses. Thankfully, many businesswomen take the time to record podcasts sharing stories, tips, and offering encouragement when times get rough.

Here are five great podcasts for women in business. If you can’t get enough, there are more listed here.

She Did It Her Way

The title alone is enough to make you feel empowered. This podcast features a girl-boss every week, discussing a challenge that she overcame on her journey to success. There’s bound to be some invaluable advice to aid you on your own path.

So Money

In this podcast packed with advice, host Faroosh Torabi deals with all things money. From stocks to debt, this podcast explains money topics in a manner that women can relate to. For award-winning financial advice, give it a listen.

Women Taking the Lead

Host Jodi Flynn offers professional advice on matters such as branding and that ever-present problem, perfectionism. Her tips help women in business to overcome conflict without losing confidence in their ability to lead in business.

Girlboss Radio

Though directed at millennial business women, this podcast is helpful for listeners of all ages. Host Sophia Amoruso isn’t afraid to be vulnerable in order to get her message across. With her advice, you’ll be ready to work past any problem.

Goal Digger

Success comes in all forms and is possible for anyone willing to work for it. Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, Goal Digger, helps us to see success in this light. She’s out to prove that you can be successful, wherever you might be based.

The business world never stays the same. With such great advice from women who know what they are talking about, you will know how to navigate major changes and trials without losing confidence.